August 2014


MUSCAT SPORTS CENTRE & HOUSING DEVELOPMENT - OMAN - Plans are continuing for the construction of our first Megadome project. Just a small dome covering an area of 700 x 800m, it will nevertheless be a showcase for the SKYLINE air-supported dome system - and, as it happens, the world's largest dome! Backed by a Kuwaiti group, the project, to commence ground works soon will include 300 residences, Sports Hospital, sports facilities, parklands, water park, hotel and a Ski Trac Ski Mountain - all sheltered from the 50 degree Celsius summer heat. The air-dome designed in association with ASATI of New York provides a "new sky" cover without any support columns, and at a fraction of the cost of a regular roof.

CHENGDU TWIN DOMES - It was all smiles in Chengdu in China's Sichuan Province Monday 28th July when an agreement was signed to proceed with the development of a Twin Domes project at a location on the edge of the 10 million population city, home of the famed Panda Bear. The project will include a large shopping mall, along with unique attractions that include snow skiing on the world's longest ski run, and surfing on the world's longest surf waves. The Billion dollar project is expected to thrive in this very switched-on regional centre which last year attracted over 500 major events, including 103 International Conventions and 53 International Exhibitions. The project is backed by Chengdu's Hengxin Yuanda Investment Group.

THE OMAN GOLF DOME - Ordered up by an Omani company, this project will make it possible to play year-round 24 hour golf on a prime 36-hole course. The 310 acre course is an inevitable progression of Skyline's Megadome concept, and is likely to become a common feature in the plus 50 degree summer temperatures of the Middle East. The 1200 x 900 metre air-supported dome will offer constant 25 degree Celsius temperature no matter what the outside conditions. This is made possible by breakthrough air conditioning out of Australian that delivers cool (or warm) temperatures for just one tenth the normal energy cost. A travel company will ensure a constantly full course through charter tours from Japan, China and other countries whose prohibitive course costs will make this a bargain.

NEW OMAN TOWN WILL BOAST A MEGADOME - Duqm, 500 km south of Muscat is a new development associated with a major port facility and refinery operation. Shipping from Western origins will unload at this port with the goods being on-carried by rail network to most Middle Eastern destinations, saving time, money and shipping congestion in the Golf region. The 400 x 800 metre dome will become the social hub of the township which shares with the rest of Oman its high (50 degree C) summer temperatures. Inside will be a beach, all normal outdoor sports facilities, shopping streets, and even two private schools! The 370 acres of the entire area outside of the dome is to be fully developed by Skyline and will feature housing, office buildings, and a unique hotel, cultural, entertainment and educational facility called Khanjar City, based on the physical shape of the Countries official emblem. Work on the $1 Billion project is due to commence in approximately three months.

NEW ASSOCIATION - We are honoured to announce the coming on board with us as major consultants IDEAS Orlando, (formerly IDEAS Disney). This invaluable team, steeped in the experience and expertise of the themed entertainment industry as the undisputed world's best, will be engaged with us in the planning, development, and implementation of many of our relevant projects. They will fill a major gap in providing the skills and knowledge required to bring to our projects the logistics, and market know-how to ensure both the smooth running, and commercial success of what we have.

THE CAIRO TWIN DOMES - This is our dream hoped-for project -two strategically located domes just 3000 metres from the Giza Pyramids and five minutes' walk from the upcoming Grand Egyptian Museum. The project will include a Ski Dome, Space Dome, and 300,000 square metre Shopping Mall. The domes are in the shadow of one of the ancient wonders of the world and most-recognised tourist attractions. With Egypt's political difficulties now being put aside, this one billion dollar project is expected to be realised after what has been a long unscheduled delay. Two funding companies are having a serious look at this project, so keep watching this space!



THE PYRAMIDS SPACE DOME- The Significance of the Twin Domes so close to the Pyramids concerns the Space Dome. The Space Dome, the most defining space experience world-wide, will feature visuals projected on the seven acre domed ceiling - the world's largest movie screen. Thus the project has an affinity with the Pyramids, due to their deliberate physical alignment with the belt of Orion. Also in its Surround-180 movie theatre will be screened a vivid story of the Pyramids from the 10 metre high CircleViision screen which literally wraps the audience in the picture, viewing the Pyramids and their history as it's never been seen before.


THE MEGADOME - Back in the seventies, one of the world's leading engineering companies, Ove Arup, proposed a column-free roof structure spanning a breathtaking two kilometres in diameter. It would use an air-support principle now common to structures pioneered in the US and currently numbering in the thousands. Unaware of Arup's proposal at the time, Ski Trac's associate company Skyline Creation Ltd took the air-support concept to its ultimate use, designing a "City under a roof" one mile in diameter. Working with the world's leading exponent of the technology, Air Structures America Incorporated (ASATI), Skyline is now set to introduce the long-sought solution to extreme weather habitation. When inflated under surprisingly low pressure, ASATI's patented cable-net system with its super-strong Teflon-coated membrane underneath will endure the worst possible winds and snow conditions, handling those extremes better than conventional structures. In its standard leisure/commercial/tourism design the dome will feature a Ski Trac Ski Mountain, one kilometre long beach, world's longest wave pool and, believe it or not, an indoor 18-hole golf course! Skyline is now also fielding enquiries for an agricultural greenhouse, animal winter refuge, a golf dome, and most interesting of all, a dome-covered retirement village! The Skyline Megadome is decidedly the "future now" in moderating unliveable conditions to an ideal and attractive climate!

THE INDOOR MOUNTAIN SLOPE - A new product for Ski Trac, an inevitable development of the air-supported Megadomes is the Indoor Mountain Slope. A huge advance on existing indoor facilities, the insulated air-supported roof has no limits on width and length, and can cover a slope at a fraction of the cost of any structural alternatives. Apart from minor preparation of the ground, the facility can be located on any suitable slope near a large population area for year-round skiing. Unique, and very essential to the system is the provision of inexpensive refrigeration, which we have available to us through Australian technology, a refrigerated environment for just one-tenth the energy cost of conventional systems. With this combination, the Ski Trac Mountain Ski Slope is destined to become our major business.


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